Characteristics of a Manx Cat

This breed is definitely not for anyone who wants a beautiful, feline house ornament. While a Manx can fulfill the beauty requirement, it will never be content to serve as a doorstop or window decoration.

Characteristics of the foundation animals seen in the Manx breed today include a plush double coat, ears that are medium to medium small in size and set far apart, (when viewed from the back of the head, the ears resemble the rocker of on a cradle) and a roundish head, slightly longer than it is wide, with a strong muzzle and chin, a sound normal bite with straight teeth and prominent cheekbones.

All of these characteristics, combined with large eyes, set so the outer corners are higher than the inner corners, give the Manx a look of gentle, serene intelligence. That look hides the cat's true mischief-making self. Manx are fun, active, fun loving cats that will remain playful well into their later years.